When Faith Dares

When Faith Dares: Discover the Power of Courage to Stay the Course When You’d Rather Bail

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We are thrilled our new book, When Faith Dares, is now available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats! 

When Faith Dares is a story of heartbreak, loss, and the cultivation of daring courage. If you wrestle with God in the valley and wonder how you will make it through, then you will resonate with Terri’s experience.

Together we can be encouraged to follow Jesus even when dreams are reduced to rubble and bailing seems like the better option.

Together, we can be emboldened to break through roadblocks, step out in faith, and stay the course—even when it defies logic. 

And throughout the unexpected twists and turns—when we most want to ditch God’s plans—we will grow to discover that He led us right where He wanted all along…into a deeper and more beautiful relationship with Him.

Experience the power of courage to live a life of daring faith, by picking up your copy of When Faith Dares today—and grab one for a friend too!

Purchase options:

Paperback - signed by Author

Paperback - Amazon

eBook  - Kindle

Audiobook - Audible

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